Aromatic Herb Extraction

Aromatic Herb Extraction

Aromatic Herb Extraction

What is Extraction

Extraction; The active ingredients in aromatic herbal drugs, a solvent (alcohol, hexane, etonol, etc.).

Our Production Extraction Units

In the production of Absolute, the concrete is treated with high purity and quality ethyl alcohol. The concrete is washed gradually with ethyl alcohol; the higher the number of washes, the absolute efficiency increases; however, while the ratio of phenylethyl alcohol decreases, the ratio of paraffins increases. Used Approximately ten times the amount of ethyl alcohol is needed. Ethyl from each wash alcohol extracts are collected in a tank and there at a low temperature of minus 20 oC is kept. While waxy substances such as paraffin precipitate, fragrance and some color substances are Switches to alcohol. Ethyl alcohol is evaporated under vacuum and remains “absolute”.

50Kg capacity Unit

25Kg capacity Unit

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