Aromatic Plant Distillation

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Aromatic Plant Distillation

What are Medicinal and Aromatic Plants:
Medicinal and aromatic plants, used in the treatment of human and animal diseases
plants medicinal; fragrant plants are called aromatic plants. It
The two definitions usually go together, as the majority of plants are fragrant
is used. Wikipedia

Calculating Production Capacity

Lavender Approximate machine capacity needed according to the amount of land cultivated

50 kg

 kapasiteli makine

100 kg 

kapasiteli makine

200 kg 

kapasiteli makine

250 kg

kapasiteli makine

500 kg

kapasiteli makine

Arazi dikimi3 ila 15 dekar
15 ila 30 dekar
30 ila 50 dekar
50 ila 60 dekar
60 ila120 dekar

Note1: Planting of lavender is according to the planting time in 1.5 meters row spacing and 40 cm seedling spacing, and at the end of the 3rd year, the maintenance is complete and timely. 1 decare is 1000m2. It can be calculated that 400 to 500 kg of fresh lavender will be cut from the decare. The calculation was made according to the estimates. Lavender yield may vary by region.

Note2: The distillation process takes approximately 2 hours (filling the unit-distillation process-emptying the unit). It was planned that the unit will operate for 8 hours in a day and 4 rounds of distillation was performed in a day. However, the machines are capable of working 24 hours a day. Units do not have parts that can be replaced or replaced during operation.

Note3: The machine calculation has been made so that the lavender cutting and processing time is approximately 30 days. Although the yield of lavender is very variable, 2% yield is ideal.

Note4: Other aromatic herbs (thyme, mint, rosemary, laurel, etc.) machine calculation may differ. A detailed interview should be made. All calculations made here are for preliminary information and cannot be used as an investment plan. Talk to authorized persons for lavender planting and the amount of fresh lavender to be obtained.

What is Steam Distillation or Distillation

The essence of steam distillation is the volatile organic substances found in aromatic plant drugs.
It is based on separating substances using water vapor. According to the method of obtaining steam
We have units of different types and capacities.

Our Production Distillation Units

500 Kg capacity Steam Distillation Unit

250Kg capacity Steam Distillation Unit

200Kg capacity Solid fuel Distillation Unit

100Kg capacity Steam Distillation Unit

100Kg capacity Solid fuel Distillation Unit

50Kg capacity Steam Distillation Unit

50Kg capacity Steam Distillation Unit

Scuba and electrical Distillation Unit

Hot oil unit

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