Cohobasyon (Veronic) System


Cohobasyon (Veronic) System

What is cohoberation (veronic)

Cohobation is generally applied in water with water and steam distillation methods is technical. In this technique, the fat removed at the end of distillation is It is fed into the cauldron continuously from the top and distilled again. This process is in water in a manner that minimizes the loss of dissolved oxygenated compounds and especially phenols makes.

In rose oil distillation, degreased distillate water is re-distilled in a separate boiler.
more oil is obtained by making it.

Cohoberation (veronic) units

In the production of Absolute, the concrete is treated with high purity and quality ethyl alcohol. The concrete is washed gradually with ethyl alcohol; the higher the number of washes, the absolute efficiency increases; however, while the ratio of phenylethyl alcohol decreases, the ratio of paraffins increases. Used Approximately ten times the amount of ethyl alcohol is needed. Ethyl from each wash alcohol extracts are collected in a tank and there at a low temperature of minus 20 oC is kept. While waxy substances such as paraffin precipitate, fragrance and some color substances are Switches to alcohol. Ethyl alcohol is evaporated under vacuum and remains “absolute”.

3000Lt capacity unit

1500Lt capacity unit

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