Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol System


Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol System

What is Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol

Rose PEA (2-Phenyl Ethanol) (C8H10O)
Closed Formula: C8H10O
Molecular Mass: 122.17 g / mol
Boiling Point: 219-221 ° C
Density: 1.017 g / cm3

Where it is used: Phenyl Ethyl alcohol, giving rose character to perfume compositions It is a widely used material for. Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol rose fragrance content It is used as an effective fragrance in deodorant and detergent. Phenyl Ethyl alcohol has a pleasant floral scent. This rose fragrance is It is used as a common ingredient in perfumery. Also, antimicrobial used as a preservative in properties. Against bacteria in eye medication used.

Almost all fragrances and other floral type perfumes contain phenyl ethyl alcohol because Phenyl ethyl alcohol is widely used for many other fragrance applications. In soap also used as a preservative Phenyl Ethyl alcohol or 2-phenyl ethanol is a natural organic compound. In natural oils, rose, cloves and hyacinths are also found. It is liquid. The flower is fragrant. It mixes with alcohol and ether.

Phenyl Ethyl Alcohol Process

How to get it: Hot boiled boiled water from the cohoberation unit It is cooled and taken into the phenyl ethyl alcohol unit and the process is started. In the unit, alcohol and resin Phenyl ethyl alcohol is obtained by processing with.

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